6 Reasons To Get Unstuck

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You wanna know the #1 question I get asked all the time?

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September 11,2017 at 7:30 Est

You wanna know the #1 question I get asked all the time?

Noooo, it's not where do I buy all of my funky-fresh glasses from (that is, by far, the #2 question, though).

What I'm asked most is how do you write a book AND not care about being judged.

These are loaded questions and absolutely cannot be answered with one liners. So what I noticed was that since there is no simple, clear-cut answer, folks would give up, pushing the idea of writing a book to the back of their minds. But let me tell ya, that only works for so long. You know why?

Because our stories do not belong to us!

Someone is waiting to hear what you have to say. Somewhere there's an unhappily married woman who needs to know that she'll be okay if she leaves; or someone suffering from postpartum depression and ashamed to admit it; better yet, a single mom out here struggling to make ends meet and is patiently waiting to read your best-selling story about building an empire while raising a family solo dolo. Stories connect & heal us.


So, let's get unstuck. Join me on September 11, 2017 @730pm EST where I will share the 6 reasons to get unstuck & write that book PLUS 2 Bonus Myth Busters.

C'mon, it's free99 and you can bring wine.

Aayyyeee, that rhymes. #Bars

Phette Hollins is an author, scriptwriter, and creator of The #GetNakedMovement, where she shares stories of healing & getting unstuck in life and business through books and films. She has written three books and several film/web show scripts.

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