How serious are you about growing your email list?

And growing it in a way that feels good, right, and real.


I am so glad you are interested in taking on the Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building Challenge. Now, while the live challenge is over, you can still do the challenge and get all of the benefits that each of the participants did when the challenge ran live.

So, yes... I'm personally inviting you to do this FREE 5-Day List Building Challenge right now.

Because here's the thing... Did you know that to become more successful as a female entrepreneur, you don’t need to CHANGE who you are? God forbid, right!

You just have to become MORE of the AMAZING female entrepreneur that you are and show it to others.

And that's exactly what this challenge is all about. Over 5 days you are going to learn how to grow your email list simply by loving it.

During this cutting-edge list-building challenge, you're going to LIVE. LAUGH & LOVE your way to building an email list where you actually fall in love with the people who join it and they fall in love with you.

Sounds pretty racy doesn't it?


ANYONE! Yep, this challenge is perfect for the wildly ambitious female entrepreneur, the newly minted coach or consultant, or expert, and the blazing blogger.

This challenge is for you if you are looking to build your list in a way that feels real and authentic.

This challenge is for you even if you are already established and want to bring more vibrancy to your list building process.


Yes, challenge yourself to Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building. And guess what else, I’ll be right there with you, participating and committing to each one of the daily challenge prompts. It's going to be fabulously fun and freeing.

So again, here is my personal invitation for you to join me. Now >>> go!

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Chareen - xoxox

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