12 Steps to Motivated, Loving & Adventurous Self Care

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  • Put yourself on your own To-Do List. Learn how to create more time for yourself by setting boundaries. Set yourself free with attainable goals and mindset moves.
  • Learn routines and rituals that work for you, give you energy and provide a sense of ease to help you become the best version of yourself.
  • Find that adventurous twinkle in your eye & that feeling that all things are possible. Find out that Self Care is more than a mani/pedi, way more.
  • Learn to use honesty and awareness to create a life you love. Take care of yourself and still get the laundry done (Yes, we are all human)
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I'm excited to share this with you. ~ Janae

Self Care Strategist, Business Mentor, Adventure Seeker &
Fellow Human

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