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So many people tell me that they want to travel but either their kids are in school or they don't know how to homeschool their kids! In this workshop, I will inspire you and give you the basic tools you need to teach your kids.

Even if you aren't ready to travel, this workshop will give you great insight into whether homeschooling is a good fit for you. It's certainly not for everyone and I try to be frank and honest about what homeschooling is really like.

This seven day workshop will cover:

  • Is homeschooling right for you
  • Why I choose to homeschool
  • The downside of homeschooling
  • The resource that's helped me the most
  • Basics of curriculum
  • How to teach reading & math
  • Which type of homeschooler do you want to be

I hope you join me! I know I can help you with your journey.


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Receive a free email workshop on how to be nomadic and school your kids!

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