Want to Harvest Garlic Next Year?

Learn the simple basics of planting garlic now!

Garlic Planting Cheat Sheet

Grow your own garlic in 7 easy steps!

Garlic is the easiest and most rewarding plant you can grow! All you have to know is some basics:

  • WHEN to plant (hint...it's not in the spring!)
  • WHAT KIND to plant (depending on where you live)
  • WHERE to find the garlic you need
  • WHERE NOT to purchase your garlic (Don't make this mistake!)
  • The simplest WAY to plant, whether you have a raised bed, a plot of land, or container. This step is SUPER EASY!

With this Garlic Planning Cheat Sheet, you'll avoid the confusion and be on your way to a bountiful garlic harvest!

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