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Our secret formula for writing awesome podcast show notes can now be yours - FREE!

Grab Your Free Show Note Template!

Are you ready to create professional-grade show notes for your podcast?

Serious podcasters understand the importance of using podcast show notes.

Show notes not only help you boost your SEO power with various search engines - they also make it easier for your audience - your listeners - to learn more about your guests, your topics, and find those valuable links and resources mentioned in your show!

We strongly believe that every great podcast deserves great show notes. That is why we have decided to give you a FREE downloadable template to help you create the best show notes possible for your show!

This template is exactly what we use to teach our team and provide excellent show note writing services to our clients.

We've done the hard part for you - designing the structure of the show notes so they are easy-to-read and easy for your audience to find the important information and relevant links!

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This template includes:

  • a "how-to" outline briefly explaining each part of the show note and why they are critically important
  • Pro Tips on how to write and use each piece of the equation
  • Where to find the information you need for each piece of the show note

Grab your FREE Template for Writing Killer Podcast Show Notes now and transform your show today!

Grab the Template!

Grab Your FREE Show Note Template!

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