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Dear Artist,

Thank you so much for choosing to begin this journey! My name is

Jessica Libor, and I am your instructor and designer of this course.

I am a full-time artist, primarily as an oil painter. I have studied

at various classical institutions such as the Florence Academy of Art,

the Grand Central Academy of Art, and have received my Master of Fine

Arts in 2014 from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I

exhibit in shows across the Northeast and also serve as curator for Era

Contemporary. I tell you this so that you understand that art has

been my lifelong passion, and it is a pleasure for me to talk with,

help, and be inspired by other artists such as yourself. In this in

depth course, "Discovering Your Artistic Style," we will mine the

depths of your inspiration in order to bring forth your best, most

authentic style as an artist.

Do you admire artists who create consistent, recognizable artworks?

These artists can create anything they desire, yet still it is obvious

through their style that THEY are the ones who created it. It is

their signature of creation, without a literal signature. This artist

can be you.

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed with choice about what your true

voice is? Maybe you try many styles, skipping between highly

representational pencil renderings, to abstract expressionism, to

painterly still lives, to cartoons. These are all part of what you

can do, and I'm not discrediting any of it. However, there is a way

to distill your essential voice into your own special, consistent way

of creating. I truly believe that every artist has within them

something unique to say and to make. All that we have to do it strip

away anything blocking that creativity, and let the true voice of your

artistic nature take the lead.

Perhaps you feel embarrassed that you are still trying to find

yourself, artistically. You feel that you should have it figured out

by now. Don't beat yourself up! It is not a matter of time, but of

focus, thought, and self-discovery. This is what my course,

"Discovering your artistic voice," will guide you to do, in the space

of only 2 weeks and a total of 7 lessons.

Discovering Your Artistic Voice will help you to:

1. Avoid years of switching styles and find your own unique voice as

quickly as possible.

2. Learn what ideas, colors, and imagery really light your fire

3. Incorporate the best parts of the artists you admire into your own work

4. Create with integrity, from the heart, so that you can stand

behind your work and be proud of it

5. Make your work strong and discover ways you can make it stronger

6. Set long-term goals to stretch you artistically

7. Learn techniques and exercises that will jump-start your creativity

8. Create a consistent body of work unique to your style

In the next two weeks, you will discover your artistic voice as never

before. The course will be delivered to your email account in a 7

lessons, that you will receive every other day. This gives you time

to complete the lesson. Each lesson will include a homework

assignment, such as an artistic exercise or an attached worksheet to

fill out in order to spark your discovery.

Your creative voice is a treasure: golden, sparkling, unique and

precious. It is meant to be found. This guided course is like a

treasure map, with each new lesson a clue to helping you find the

booty! Are you ready to get started? Just click the button below to

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