What if mom-life could be just a little bit easier?

I've got good news for you, friend. Now, it CAN be!

Introducing... The Intentional Moms Monthly Toolkit

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The Intentional Moms Monthly Toolkit will be a digital monthly subscription "box" designed to make your mom-life a million times easier.

All those things you know you should be doing? Well, the Intentional Moms Monthly Toolkit will either do them FOR YOU, or give you a simple, actionable way to actually get those things done.

Every single month, you will be provided with:

  • A full meal-plan and shopping list - a detailed list of meals in a variety of categories (crock pot meals, freezer meals, quick & easy meals, classic favorites, etc.) along with a customizable shopping list.
  • A Bible study plan & journal - an outlined Scripture study plan for you to follow each month, along with a printable companion journal.
  • A family connection cheat sheet - unique monthly ideas for connecting with your husband, your children, your extended family, and your friends.
  • A home care checklist - a simple monthly checklist to help you keep up with the home tasks you really need to keep up with on a regular basis, plus seasonal tasks that change on a monthly basis.
  • A monthly focus area - intentional monthly themes for you to use as a springboard for personal growth each month, along with a live monthly workshop focusing on that focus area.
  • A community of like-minded women - a place online where we can come together to encourage one another, share tips for intentional living, and discuss our monthly focus area.
  • And more! (I can't give away ALL the secrets today!!)

Now let's be clear about something - this toolkit is NOT just one more thing for you to do. The LAST THING you need is one more thing to do.

The Intentional Moms Monthly Toolkit is a simpler, more streamlined way to accomplish the things you already want to do with greater intention and in less time.

It's a meal plan for the entire month, already created for you.

It's the Bible study you've been meaning to start, already outlined for you, complete with a companion journal.

It's a simple checklist for the few things you actually need to do to care for your home each month, detailed and written out for you, ready to be checked off.

It's actionable ideas for connecting with your family and investing in your relationships, without you having to recreate the wheel.

It's an entire kit of tools designed to make your life easier, to give you back your time, and to help you prioritize the things that actually matter.

Everything inside the toolkit is a tool that I've created to use in my own home - tools that give me the cohesive plan I need to be the kind of mom I want to be... while creating that much-needed space for self-care and rest.

It's felt like a fresh breath of air for me, for the first time in a long time.

I'm excited to offer the same to you.

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