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Download my 4 favorite presets that I use for every wedding to achieve bright and airy photos!

Lightroom Editing Presets + BONUS Editing Video!

I am so excited to be sharing not only my favorite personal presets, but also a bonus video on how I actually edit with each preset!!

So what's all included with this download?!

You are getting my 4 favorite and most used Lightroom presets for light and airy photos!!

  1. - Bright Boost ( to automatically brighten your images )
  2. - Desaturate ( for those yellow/orange bridal rooms )
  3. - Sunset Preset ( for those bright and glowy sunset photos )
  4. - My favorite Black and White Preset

PLUS - You are getting a bonus video that shows exactly how I use these presets to edit 10 different images!

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