Emotional Intelligence Training

- Creating Your Most Wonderful Life -

Improve the Quality of Your Days

Gain the skills to create the life you long for

How has life been treating you?

Are there areas you are stuck? Do you feel defeated? Unsure how to overcome?

What if I could show you how to go from victim to victor?

Maybe you've been living with stress or anger?

What if there was one simple tool you could use that would put a stop to these emotions so they no longer steal your joy?

Do you have frustrating issues in your relationship you'd like to overcome?

What if I told you which ingredients you needed to mix together that would influence someone towards change?

Perhaps you need energy, motivation and extra joy added to your days.

What if there was one habit you could implement into your life that would inject you on a regular basis with happiness and vigour?

Don’t Sweat It

If you can relate ... bravo, you're human.

I have yet to meet anyone who didn't struggle with the above issues. And without intentionally learning tools to overcome many never get over their hurdles.

Me too

I too was once wearing these shoes. There were many years of my life that I felt completely defeated, like all my efforts to overcome were futile.

I struggled with anger to, secret-inner anger because only those living with me would ever see it emerge. I HATED it! I hated that side of me, it was not who I wanted to be and not how I wanted to treat those who I loved.


Stress... don't get me started. If anyone knows what stress is, I do. I have put in much effort and intentionality to be able to walk out from under the heavy cape of stress, butI stand here proud today to say... IT IS POSSIBLE.

Relationship Frustration

Who doesn't have frustration in relationships? For me it was my marriage.

After reading multiple books and trying many different tactics and tools, I FINALLY figured out the easiest and fastest way to spur on change in an individual.

Today, after 10 years of marriage, our relationship has never been stronger. But what's EVEN BETTER than that, is we know the tools to resolving conflict in a respectful manner are are excited to keep growing towards an even MORE beautiful future. (By the way, these tactics will work on any good-willed individual).

Energy, Motivation, Drive

As someone who use to hate themselves and their life with no hope for a beautiful future, I must say... there is one principle in particular that has had a profound affect on my life. I will reveal what this is in the course.

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