Takedown the 27-in-5

4 weeks to build strength, speed, and stability

Master Your Minimum Skills

Kick that godforsaken lap test right in the face.

There's good reason to start training if you struggle with passing your minimum skills or transitioning into team practices:

  • Get your brain and muscles talking to each other, so that your muscles can fire more effectively
  • Help build body awareness, so that your body can do MORE things while thinking LESS
  • Create a foundation of strength that can take help move you into more intense training programs later
  • Work on movement patterns that will transfer directly to your skates
  • Reduce the likelihood of injuries


Time to put some work in off-skates, too!

Get The Program

Takedown 27in5 cover

A 4-week training program that took a client from 5:31 to 4:54.

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