Fight the Funk

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by Arie Rose coming soon!

This book is for anyone looking for more in life. Anyone who is feeling unmotivated or feeling like they have forgotten who they are and what they are capable of. This book is to help anyone restart their engines and and get back to slaying in every aspect in their life. Sometimes we fall into little funks and loose out momentum which is perfectly fine as long as we don't stay there for long!

Here is an excerpt from the first page in my new book to be released end of November 2017!

"Everything I do begins with a prayer. Prayer makes things happen. Prayer has changed me. Prayer doesn’t always change the situation or the circumstances, but it will change how you view it and how you deal with it. I am nothing without the man above. This is not a book on religion, nor will I ever shove religion down your throat. However, I am here to be truthful and honest. And well, part of that is showing WHO and WHAT guides me on a daily and HOW I am able to do everything I do.

I will say it is very important and I highly recommend that if you do not believe in some greater power, you search for whatever that may be to guide you. I had a friend recently going through some things and she said, “Well Arie, I don’t believe in God or any religion. I believe in the Universe.” I replied, “ Well as long as their is something you know you can turn to for guidance, something or someone that you know has your back, then that is a start.” I am a firm believer that if their is no high power that you can turn to, call on or speak to, then chances are your foundation may not be sturdy when “Life” happens."

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Fight the Funk

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