The number of invitation suites you need can affect your price significantly, and you don’t want to under order, as reprints are costly! A great rule of thumb for estimating is that you need roughly 60% of the number of guests you have, but that can be confusing for some people, so I’m going to break it down today!

Here’s how you figure it out:

Pull up your guest list. Now, look at the number of households or addresses you are sending invitations to, not the number of people. This is important! If Jane and John Smith are married and living together, they’re not each going to receive a separate invitation. And it’s likely that the majority of your guest list is couples or families.

Add 10 to 15 extras. The setup costs remain the same whether you’re printing 10 invitations or 100, so it’s always, always cheaper to order a few extras in order to avoid reprints. We want to avoid reprints at all costs! You will also want to have a couple extras on hand for:

1. A keepsake invitation

2. 1 to send to your photographer.

3. Any invitations that get lost in the mail, or sent to the wrong address (I’ve learned that someone is always moving and forgetting to clue you in!)

4. Any last minute guest additions (did you forget somebody? Has your mom or mother in law decided that they just have to invite great aunt Elma?)

And that’s it! If you are still working on your guest list, you can download the One + Only Paper guest address template - it will calculate how many invitations you need, how many guests you are inviting, and help you format your addresses correctly for printing or a calligrapher.

The One + Only Paper guest list template calculates the number of suites you need to order (including extras), the number of guests you will be inviting, and helps you format your list so it's ready for printing, or a calligrapher

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