Step 1: Watch Good History.

Over 100 hours of essential films you can watch beginning tonight

I started History Is Power because it's time we faced up to our national ignorance. Gore Vidal called us the United States of Amnesia, and as we can see today, our failure to remember the past has consequences. Once again we're stuck in an endless war. Hate groups are on the rise again. We're oppressing immigrants — again.

This blog is here to help you remember the lessons of the past. History often isn't pretty, but even the ugliest moments offer us insight on our own problems, and remind us that we have faced much greater challenges in the past.

As a former nationally syndicated critic, I've reviewed hundreds of films. To thank the visitors to this site, I wrote a 5,000-word guide to the best history-related films I've seen. It's free, so download it today. — Aaron Barnhart

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