Crystals 101- A Beginner's Guide To Crystals


Has the raw beauty and innate power of
crystals caught your eye recently?

Are you just starting out on your healing and awakening journey?

Or maybe you've been aware of these beautiful beings for some time now but have never really gotten the chance to delve deeper.

Whether you are brand new to the crystal world or want to learn how to begin utilizing their natural magic, you are about to have access to the perfect FREE E-book for you!

The reason I wrote this particular E-book, Crystals 101- A Beginner's Guide To Crystals was to bring forth information that was easy to understand and easier to use, all without
taking forever to read. I don't know how many free e-books
I downloaded only to let them sit on my phone when I saw
they were over 100 pages! I LOVE to learn, but I'm also
a very busy woman, I feel many of us who are craving
to take the plunge into the spiritual world are doing so
to find peace from hectic lives.

Within this 30 pages, you will find valuable knowledge.
See why crystals even work in the first place, how to sense energy and how to choose what crystals are for you,
my top five choices sure to help anyone, and the
all-important how to of cleansing your space and setting intentions to work with your crystals!


Inside Crystals 101 you will get five practical and easy to implement tips that you can start applying to your life immediately! These will help cleanse your energetic body, increase your self-love, help to soothe you to sleep, ground
and transmute negative energy and align your chakric column. Also included is my favorite smudging prayer!

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