Etsy Empire: The Foundation

When you have the tools for start-up success at your fingertips, you can dive headfirst into your new biz with knowledge, confidence, and a leg up on the competition.

What if I told you that you could lay the foundation for your very own Etsy Empire for less than the amount of money I had to my name when I started mine? My incredible, comprehensive start-up course will be available soon!

Module 1 - Open your shop with confidence. Includes naming exercises, beginner branding, and all the details that will rank you higher in Etsy's search algorithm.

Module 2 - Anatomy of a listing. Includes the 7 pieces that make up an awesome item page, plus easy shipping set-up and a tour through the Listings Manager.

Module 3 - Your first sale. How to handle custom orders, production, processing, shipping, customer service, and feedback.

Module 4 - Managing a successful shop. Navigation through the Sell on Etsy app and social media marketing.

Heck yeah, I want to be on the list for special pricing and VIP bonuses!

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