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Hi everyone!

I am a huge podcast listener, and after about a year and half of pondering, and 6 months of working, I've finally launched the show!

Conversations with Artists, Teachers, and Creators - people who's work I admire and inspire me to create inspiring work.

If you enjoy podcasts and have found value in any other content I've created, I hope you'll join the list below so we can share in the creation process of this next project!

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Ask questions, send suggestions, let me know who and what you're interested in hearing. What questions or topics should I discuss? Who do you want to see me interview? Have a direct voice in influencing the content creation.

3. Be in the know

You enjoy other content I've created. I'm super excited about this. Be the first to know once the show goes live and special shout out/recognition to early adopters :)

Available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher - Thanks and talk soon!


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