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Too many spa pros avoid gift certificates for many reasons.

But don't join them - because if you aren't selling gift certificates you're leaving money on the table

Gift certificates should be a no-brainer for spa pros and yet so many of you are anti-gift certificates!

This is what we see

  • "I put expiration dates on gift certificates so it forces people to see me in a reasonable amount of time" (Translation: I don't have a plan for gift certificates so I'll force the client to come in on my schedule and not theirs)
  • "No one likes getting gift certificates because they feel too impersonal" (Translation: I'm scared no one will buy any from me)
  • "When they come in months or a year later I feel like I'm giving a service for free." (Translation: I don't know how to handle gift certificate money so I've already spent it before the client comes in. It causes bad energy and the client doesn't come back)

We could go on and on but we know that gift certificates are a major source of revenue for millions of businesses all over the world. Why should you take advantage.

This is why we're offering our free guide all about gift certificates.

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