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What is the ONE thing cat parents fear most?

Hint: You won't have to worry about it if you start off on the right paw...err...foot!

Cat pee. The worst substance in the world.

And cat pee everywhere EXCEPT for the litterbox? That's a cat guardian's worst nightmare!

Cats peeing outside of the litterbox is something that every cat parent fears. Why? Because cat urine is probably the worst substance on the planet, ever. Seriously. It smells terrible, and it's extremely difficult to remove from carpet and furniture. And, while poops aren't quite as bad, having them show up where they are not supposed to be is not much fun, either. I mean, if I want a surprise from my cat, a nice lick or head bump will be just fine. Right?

Whether you are considering bringing a cat into your home (DO IT!!!) and the fear of litterbox issues is holding you back, or if you already have a cat and have had some minor "slip-ups", you'll want to read this guide to creating the purrfect litterbox setup. This checklist lays out all the things you can control whether you're setting up your kitty's litterbox for the first time, or if you're having some issues and want to try to see where improvements can be made. Just by following these simple guidelines, I've had many clients see dramatic improvements in their cats' litterbox habits!

And I'm NOT just going to say, "get another litterbox". Sure, you want to make sure you have enough litterboxes for the number of cats you have (and the checklist goes over that), but there is so much more to consider when it comes to keeping your cat in the box. And, you will be surprised at what a huge difference a small change can make! I'll also include my recommendations for cleaning supplies, and for protecting your home...and I don't get kickbacks from these recommendations, so you can be sure that these are products that my clients have tried and that have worked.

By downloading my litterbox setup checklist, you'll be added to my Mewsletter email list. But don't worry - I hate spam, and I won't take advantage of your trust. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experience with you, because this all fits into my mission: keeping cats in homes and out of shelters. And one of the most common reasons cats get surrendered to shelters? You guessed it...litterbox problems. My Mewsletter is filled with tips to help give your cat a great life, and teach you all about the needs of your cat. It's my passion to share that information and improve the lives of cats and their people!

A word of advice, however: if your cat starts going outside of his or her litterbox, PLEASE take your furry loved one to the veterinarian to get checked for urinary issues. These can be extremely painful, if not life-threatening. And, if left untreated, will make correcting litterbox habits more difficult in the future!

Given that, if you are having serious issues with your cat urinating or defecating outside of the litterbox, it may be time to talk to a feline behavior consultant. Someone like me! If you have any questions, I would love to talk with you. In the meantime, I hope this guide helps you along your way to having a happy, healthy, care-free relationship with your kitty. Because that's what you both deserve!

- marci :)

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