Improving Best Practices Together

Every project has its own set of unique challenges. Let's learn how details and sequences should be designed and not just copied.

Detail and Sequence Workshops

Improving design past "just like the last job"

This is an idea that I have borrowed from the architecture side (aka the dark side) and want to see if it could work online for us. We know that the devil is in the details, but even knowing this, many of us may not produce (or copy) details that won't burn you in the end. This will be a small group endeavor of five or less people. The result of which would be turned into a mini-webinar posted for others to view. In the groups we would discuss things like: "Is there anything wrong with the detail?" or "How should it be modified in certain situations?" or "What happens when it is actually built?". If this sounds like funs, let's give it a try. Why should the architects be the ones to have all the fun.

let's work together

Be in the first workshop!

Currently we are looking for interested people to make this first workshop happen. Once we get enough interest I will start holding workshops. To be an insider, sign-up for the list below for updates and additional information. Also if you have a favorite detail that you want to suggest please let me know.

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