The Online Course Checklist

Let's hold online courses to a higher standard.

Check Before You Buy

A Handy Checklist to make sure you're investing wisely

Once a $250 course kickstarted my business and changed me from 'scared dreamer' to 'bold business builder'. It was literally life altering.

Then a different course, one with a $1,800 price tag, left me disappointed and unchanged... it was a lot of FLUFF content and not much actual info at all! The "bonus Facebook support group" it came with was completely untouched by the creator, and went from having 50 members to over 5k in a matter of days.

My voice was unheard and my money, wasted. I was SO disappointed.

I've created a FREE easy-peasy checklist to help others learn from my mistakes... and invest in courses wisely! Enter your email and I'll send it straight to your inbox, so you can have it right when you need it!

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