Find Your Filmmaking Tribe

The Cast & Crew Book Is Your In-Depth Guide to Finding Talented, Dedicated Collaborators for Your No-Budget Films

Launching June 2017

Here's just a brief taste of what you can expect from the Cast & Crew Book and its supplementary materials:

  • Why it's ok to treat film as a collaborative artform rather than a business.
  • The two most important factors in attracting the RIGHT people to your film, the ones who will be dedicated to your project until it's finished and screening at festivals.
  • How to make a compelling casting notice so that great actors are clamoring to audition for you.
  • How to entice both young and experienced filmmakers alike to work on your film, even if you can't pay them much.
  • The best ways to compensate people for their time and energy.
  • Where to find cast and crew members, both online and in your local town.
  • Exactly how not to write an ad asking people to donate time to your production.
  • How to find your filmmaking tribe by forming lasting and mutually-beneficial collaborative relationships

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