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The Fully Funded Church

Shrinking the gap between your future vision and your current resources

The Fully Funded Church

“We don’t have money in the budget to do that.”
I have no doubt this sentence has been said at countless churches and non-profit organizations. It’s both encouraging and sad.
On one hand, our vision should outpace our resources. If you have all the money, volunteers and resources you need, you need a vision check. In fact, you don’t need God’s help. You’re very comfortable, and nowhere near your potential. However, if your future vision outpaces your current resources, you’re actually on the right track. God has big dreams and visions for His Church. The fact that you can’t currently fund it should be encouraging. The best is yet to come. That’s good news. You just can’t stay there. The goal of any team is to shrink the gap between vision and resources.

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Is there a gap between your future vision and your current resources? In this ebook you learn 7 barriers to funding your church and how to overcome them.

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