Answers to Common Questions about Eating + Body Image

This exclusive recording will answer podcast listener questions like:

Why am I always judging myself and my food choices?

What are your recommendations for someone who is having thoughts of going on another diet around/after the holidays?

How do you teach your clients self-acceptance and compassion? What is your personal experience with those concepts?

Is it possible to acknowledge areas that I want to work on within myself (thoughts, character, body) without it affecting my worth and self-acceptance? How?

I’m fine when I just keep the bad foods out of my house but as soon as I’m around them I go wild. I can’t stop dieting and restricting or I’ll never stop eating, can you help?

Is it possible to be body-positive and self-accepting while also wanting to lose weight?

How do I eat intuitively and mindfully with a family and the responsibilities of grocery shopping, meal prep and kids?

When I travel I tend to feel really at home in my body – but as soon as I return to life as usual my desire to restrict and criticize my body skyrockets? What’s up with that? And what do I do to keep my vacay feelings going strong when I’m back to the grind?

What if I don’t find my body attractive? It’s hard to be at peace with what I personally don’t find appealing.

I’ve given up dieting but I still feel insatiable around certain foods. Why? How do I stop wanting to eat all the donuts in sight?

I understand that it can be stressful on the body to deprive it of calories or nutrients – but what about nutrition? I can’t just eat what I want. I’d be unhealthy.

What are your top three recommendations for someone who is struggling with body image?

I can’t help but think that if I was thinner I’d have a boyfriend. And I’m really sick of being single. Any advice?

I know this is a long process and something that will never be fixed overnight, but do you have any advice on where to start when it comes to binge eating?


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