Done dreading February?

You're in the right place.

Enough is enough. Let's make this month awesome.

As a club member, you'll get weekly e-mails full of fun ideas to make this month joyful in the classroom and out. We'll do teacher challenges, weekly curriculum giveaways and a final "Phooey on February" teaching box grand prize drawing.

If the cold gray month always gets you down, leaving you wondering why you chose teaching in the first place, it's time to join the club! Not only will you get great teaching ideas and have lots of chances to win fun prizes, but you'll be kicking back with new Netflix recommendations, discovering pump-up songs to add to your teacher workout mix, and perusing fabulous book ideas for your bedside table. There will be flash curriculum freebies, my favorite recipe ever for chocolate cake, hilarious videos to start your day on a good note, and much more. This club is about enjoying February at work and at home.

Join me in the club today and stop dreading February. We can do this!

I won't send you spam. Not my thing.