Are you hearing crickets from your list?

Nurturing existing subscribers > Getting new subscribers


25 Content Ideas To Deepen Your Connection, Engagement and Love With Your Audience

Generic marketing gurus talk about getting more and more subscribers. Because according to them, that's the only way to get more clients.


The way to get more clients from your email list is to have a super engaged tribe that is excited to receive your emails. #itsnotanumbersgame

What the gurus fail to tell you is, what to do when

  • Your open rates are lower than the average temperature of Siberia
  • You pour your heart out in your emails and hear radio silence from the other end
  • You feel disconnected from your tribe and feel like your emails bother them

Before you declutter your entire list and spend your time and money on another round of list building to get more subscribers, pause and think.

What if you could make the people on your list

  • Feel that they are not another number for you to convert, but you genuinely care for them?
  • Wait eagerly for your next email because they are always so interesting?
  • Want to belong to your tribe, become your true fan and buy every single offer you create?

It's totally possible.

With a little bit of care, a few simple content ideas, a whole lot of love and the


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