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Write a book and create a business you love

Write a book and create the impact you desire and deserve

Write the right book and grow your business

What the BIG book program?

The Big Book Program is a place where you come to learn how to write a book, develop a business around it and create an impact in the world.

Instead of blasting through a book, you start by creating a vision and setting goals for what you want. Then you will explore your ideas and select the right book for right now.

You will research and test the market and start to raise brand awareness, straight away.

We then plan the book, chunk it out and in the reflective spaces, we work on the business and building your brand.

The BIG Book Program has been designed to make sure that you write the right book, build your brand and maximise your ideas.

Why join The BIG Book Program...?

You want to align your book, brand and business message.

You want to join a group of committed and motivated people who want to create a business that they love, rock thier brand, find the right idea, write a book, plus know how to blog it, turn it into a course and market it.

AND... You want to feel safe doing it

You know that this is the right time to share your inspirational message

I am going to work with you so that you get your book, brand and business aligned and you write the right book.

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