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An online landscape design course & workbook. Learn to create your own Landscape Plan.

Learn How To Plan a "Professionally" Designed and Easy to Maintain Yard without Spending Thousands

I help homeowners who are overwhelmed and struggling with their yards get a weed free, low maintenance, waterwise, and beautiful yard. Most people believe they have to buy the right plants in order to get a beautiful yard. Instead, I’ve discovered that u

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The dirt and weeds.

The weeds and dirt in New Mexico is just so darn stressful. You need to keep your yard looking good but there is just too much darn work involved so you end up ignoring it and instead look at it every day when you leave for work.

Spring comes and you're excited about the yard again, you buy plants, plant them water. A few months go by, the summer heat comes and now the plants are dead or dying.

Frustrated you wonder what happened. Do I have a brown thumb? Why is this so hard.

The beautiful yard.

Imagine going to that same plant nursery the first of Spring armed with a Landscape Plan and a plant list. You are confident of what species to buy, how many you need and the steps you need to do to keep them alive.

Fast forward to Fall and you're spending your September evenings relaxing outdoors after work with a beer enjoying your yard.

Wouldn't that be great?.

Here is a look at some of the worksheets in the course.

Why a landscape design course?

For years I worked on designing parks for the City, large scale commercial and neighborhood planning projects. My friends kept asking me how to get a beautiful yard for themselves. They were always worried about what it would cost to get a landscape plan. They started to wonder if they even deserved to have a nice yard. They'd say landscape plans were only for people who could hire a gardner to take care of the designed yard or for people who had hours of extra time to spend working in their yard.

I kept thinking it shouldn't be this way and I started to focus on how I could teach them to have the beautiful yard at a price they could afford. Fast forward 4 years and a ton of work later and this course was created.

I now hear stories from them about how their life has changed now that they have the yard they dreamed of. They're thrilled to unearth new potentials in their yard.

This fills my heart with happiness!

3 Mistakes people make about their landscapes.

Mistake #1: Nice yards are hard to maintain in this southwestern climate.

When we look at other people’s awesome yards we assume, they must be out there all the time. You don’t have the free time to be out there pulling weeds. How is that even possible?

Then you think…they must have a gardener. Yes, that’s it.. they have someone taking care of their yard for them.

But that’s not in your budget, so what are your options?

These thoughts ran through my head all the time, I thought it was impossible for me to have a low maintenance yard. Finally, I put those thoughts behind me and found a solution and now I can’t believe I lived so long with that ugly yard.

Mistake #2: Nice yards use a LOT of water.

Being new to New Mexico back in 1999 I knew the city was promoting waterwise yards. All everyone talked about was xeriscaping and saving water. When tackling my own yard I feared using too much water. I didn’t want to be THAT wasteful person.

You assume the only reason other people’s yards look good is cause they are using tons of the precious resource. You feel so guilty about the water. How do you know if you are using too much?

What does it take to get a plant to grow? I discovered a strategy for landscaping my yard that even the water company is happy about! I know because they actually show me as a “water wise” customer on my monthly bill!

Mistake #3: A new landscape will cost too much.

That yard you covet, it must have cost a fortune. So you think you need to save up money before you start.

When did we decide landscapes are expensive? Have we asked our neighbors what they spent on their yard? Did we call a contractor and get a price or is it that when we go to Home Depot we notice that plants are $12 a pop so imagining an entire yard of plants has us freaking out.

Chances are that yard you covet was built a few dollars at a time.

Here is what I learned, the best thing about landscape is that time is your best friend. Oh and it’s not all about the $12 plants. There are so many possibilities in your backyard that exist without spending a dime.

Do these questions sound familiar?

Why does it take so long for plants to grow?

Why is my yard just dirt and weeds?

Can I even grow things when I have dogs?

Where do I even begin?

What about these thoughts?

I don’t even go in my yard anymore because I can’t stand to look at it.

It’s taken me five years just to figure out how to get this one area to grow.

Why even bother, I spend money on plants each year that die.

I’m barely at my house let alone have time to water a garden.

I’m so overwhelmed by the idea of doing something.

One day, I’ll get someone to draw up a plan when I can afford it.

Let's face it. It's hard to garden in the Southwest.

t can be so frustrating spending money on plants that die or outdoor furniture that gets bleached out by the sun.

I’ve had these same frustrations in my garden and sometimes I just wish someone would just tell me what to do next. That’s why I created Landscape Design Made Easy to make sure you have the knowledge you need to create your ideal yard where you can relax and entertain.

I think you can learn to design your own yard.

This online course and workbook walk you step by step through the process

Here is what's in the course.

This is an online Landscape Design course. It includes videos, worksheets, tutorials, and checklists to help you design your yard step by step.

  • Five (5) online teaching units filled with lessons entitled Welcome, Dream, Plan, Essentials and Let's Do This units each with Video tutorials!
  • a 45 page workbook to be used in unison with the course.
  • Private Facebook group
  • Step-by-step checklists
  • Mulch, plant selection and irrigation tutorials.
  • My favorite garden tool's list.
  • Four (4) planting and outdoor living palettes.
  • Outdoor living extras such as lighting, my favorite outdoor furniture stores and detailed information on water harvesting.

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See what other students are saying.

What you'll learn + questions you'll get answers to:

My yard is embarrassing, how can I see the potential in my yard?

What tools should I have in my shed and why?

What is my Landscape Personality and how can I use that to help make design decisions throughout my yard?

How do I get a bird’s eye view of my yard?

How do I know what plants to select and how much to water them?

Where do I even begin when thinking about outdoor furniture?

Here are some pages from the workbook...

Here is what one family accomplished in the course.

THE BACKGROUND: a cost conscious family of five (5)

THE RESULTS: Designed a landscape plan then broke it down into small achievable DIY projects & Increased usable yard space by 1400 sqft

THE RETURN OF INVESTMENT: For $147 they had a landscape coach in their pocket taking them step-by-step through the design process &.subsequently the entire family is now educated on southwest landscapes and the unique aspects of their yard.

About the creator

Hi, I’m Jill Brown and I knew I wanted to be a landscape architect from age 10. I’ve spent the last decade+ helping homeowners and developers dream landscapes become a reality.

And guess what people would always ask me?

I’d love to have you look at my yard one day when I can afford you. That got me thinking. How about I make a product that gives homeowners the tools they need to make their dream yards become a reality? And the Landscape Design Made Easy online course was created.

Are you ready to join me inside the course?

Jump in the online course today and this could be you gaining the knowledge you need to finally get the exact yard you want!

Let’s make it happen with the Landscape Design Made Easy online course. All you need is you, your computer and your yard.

30 day money back guarantee.

30 Day Money back guarantee. That means you can join today, try the program out for 30 days, and if you decide it’s not working for you just email our support team before the 30th day, show us you did the work, and we’ll give you a prompt refund.

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