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Five Days of Mindful Walks...February 12-16

Have you given up on those New Year's fitness resolutions? Or are you bored with your exercise routine? Maybe you're starting to feel the pressure to step up your game as Spring gets closer...

I can help!!

Howdy! I'm Alex Strauss, author of The Mindful Walker, and I invite you to ditch the guilt — AND the stress — and

get back in the healthy groove with Five Days of 10-Minute "mindful walks"!

This FREE Five-Day Challenge includes

  • A daily "assignment" — along with inspiration and motivation — to get you up and walking AND getting the most out of that magical ten minutes!
  • A private Facebook group for support and accountability from your fellow walkers
  • A daily Facebook live broadcast to answer questions, address challenges, and share some of the fascinating science behind this ancient practice.

In just Five Days you'll see and feel a new "lightness" in your body AND your mind. (And I'm betting you won't want to stop!)



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