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Sport-specific training from a world-class coach that loves skating as much as you do.

  • New Training Programs each month to keep you progressing toward your performance goals and leveling up every aspect of your game.
  • Access to a private Facebook Coaching Group where you can ask questions, post form videos, get encouragement, or vent your rage at the bros in your gym.
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls that cover in-depth more tips and tricks for getting the most out your training program.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY & ACTION. Being in the group with other like-minded athletes and putting some skin in the game will help you stay focused, work harder, and get results -- whatever they look like -- faster.
  • And a new app to keep all your training data in one easily accessible place: your phone.

This is the coaching you need to get consistent with your training, boost your athleticism, and finally focus on the strength, stability, and power you need for roller derby.

It comes with a pretty rad community, too.

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