Aza Clave


E-book OUT NOW! **Paperback in March**


Berlin & Stockholm
It's 2015. Europe faces the refugee crisis. 
Friday the 13th changes everything for Hannah.

Eighteen years after their affair, Hannah rekindles the love she shared with Anders. Hannah is now a 34-year-old mother and journalist living in Berlin. Anders is a diplomat, tackling a series of refugee killings in Sweden. A week later, Anders is dead. Not convinced that his death is a suicide, Hannah sets out on a risky path to learn the truth.

Hannah Hauptmann: A single Mom and journalist wants to uncover the truth about her fiance's death. But while she's on it, she realizes she hardly knew him but it's already too late to turn back.

Anders Anderson: Hannah's fiance is a sex addict. He's also the chief of the anti-terror-unit in Stockholm's Defence Ministry, tackling a serial murder case involving the deaths of female refugees found with bleached hair.

The first book of a complex Thriller Trilogy Series with a big spoon full of mystery, love and a few bites of erotica.

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