How to Make Money in Real Estate

By Investing in Crowdfunded (Syndicated) Real Estate Deals

The Future of Real Estate Finance

Dr. Adam Gower explains the background to this new industry, and how you can invest in real estate without ever buying any.

About the book.

This book will give you a detailed background to the world of real estate syndication - crowdfunding - that 99% of real estate professionals have yet to discover.

1. Buy into deals with almost no competition

It's true. This industry is so new that you can search for deals where almost no-one is competing.

2. Invest as little as $5

Remarkably, while it used to require $100's of thousands to invest in the best deals in the country, now almost anyone can invest.

3. Important tips to keep in mind

Investing in real estate is a risky business. You'll get some guidance here from one of the top experts in the country.

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