These 6 Things: How to Focus your Teaching on What Matters Most

"Among the most helpful, passionate, practical, insightful teaching resources I have ever come across." --Mike Schmoker

I need your help.

The book's message is important, but my audience is small.

I'm interested in finding a group of colleagues around the country and world who want to be a part of the launch of my book. This opportunity will include:

  • Early access to the first three chapters of the book
  • Making a thoughtful review of the book online between July 24 and August 15
  • Me asking you for insight on how we might best get the word out
  • Us connecting via 1 or more launch-team-only, livestreamed webinar events

When I say "launch team," the emphasis is on team. I've not built the blog by myself, and I won't get the word out about These 6 Things by myself, either. This has always been a group project, and now is no time to change that.

I believe that there are teachers and teams in every school who are working themselves to the point of burnout, and it doesn't need to be that way. We can, and should, focus -- but to do that kind of "swimming upstream," we need help. That's what These 6 Things tries to do.

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