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Making sure your family has all the information they need in the city

Let us give you the keys to the city.

We love this city.

And we know you that you do too.

Amsterdam Mamas started with the one goal of connecting families in the city. We wanted to make sure that our families always had the information they needed to get the most out of living in the city.

Every week the Amsterdam Mamas Newsletter Team brings you a range of news, information and events for your families.

On the last day of each month we send you the ESSENTIALS you need for the coming weeks in the city.

Every Thursday night, we send you the only English language digest of events in the city, the WEEKEND ROUND UP, so that you can plan your family's weekend activities.

In between we make sure that you are the first to know about podcasts, events and more interesting goings-on in Amsterdam.

We keep your finger on the pulse of the city so that you can just get on with enjoying it.

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