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🤔 Ummm, did my FB boost "work"?

Are people even seeing my posts?

What about this print ad?

🤬 #sendhelp 🤬

One small biz owner to another? It's time to stop wasting energy (+ $$$) on marketing efforts that don't have a crystal clear ROI. There IS a better way to do this.

{FREE WORKSHOP:} Are YOU ready for Facebook™ Ads?

Uncover the 4 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Spend a Dime on FB Ads or Boosts...or any other ad opportunity dangling in front of you.

Do any of these sound familiar...

Have you:

  • Opened up FB Ads Manager and...panicked a bit?
  • Been confused by all the different objectives?
  • Felt less-than-confident about which audiences to target?
  • Hit "boost" and went 🤞?
  • Told yourself that IT'S TIME to look at FB Ads, but then got too overwhelmed to try educating yourself?
  • Been too damned busy to figure this out on your own?

So here's the thing: take a deep breath. Maybe two?

And just know that you've actually picked the EXACT right time to figure this out. And I'm not going to let you go it alone.

➡️ Organic reach IS down.

➡️ Print ads ARE crazy expensive.

➡️ You ARE busy enough already.

All of that is true, true, true.

➡️ But it's also true that you ARE missing the best bang for your advertising $ out there by not taking a peek at Facebook™ Ads for your business.

So let's fix that, shall we?

Join me for a FREE live workshop on Friday, March 16th and we're going to break this down together.

I'll walk you through the 4 MOST critical things you need before you fire up that credit card and start buying ads.

And, after that, I'll answer any questions you might have. In fact, I'll follow this upcoming workshop with a Q&A session that will last AS LONG AS YOU WANT. Think of this as FREE CONSULTING TIME where you can throw me your questions and we'll figure out the answers together.

I'm here for you, friend. Cause everyone needs a sherpa now and again...


This even was live Friday, March 16th, 11am Central time

BUT the full replay will be available to ALL registrants, anytime!

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