The Non Glamorous Drummer's Ergonomics Checklist

A Guide for Finding YOUR Perfect Setup.

21 Tips for the Perfect Setup.

Kit Ergonomics, Made Simple.

No longer do you have to stay frustrated with how your kit feels! If you've been struggling with feeling comfortable behind the kit, there's a good chance that the problem can actually be quickly solved with some simple adjustments. Don't put up with a bad setup any longer. Get to the bottom of why your fills around the toms aren't clean... Why that 16" crash on the left always feels weird to hit... Why your right leg starts hurting after playing for a while. Make sure that your drum set is working for you and not against you.

Breaking drum setup down into 7 categories for 7 instruments on the kit, this booklet provides 3 placement tips for each drum and cymbal - PLUS additional photos and diagrams of my kit:

  • Kick/Throne (+photos & diagrams of my setup)
  • Snare (+photos & diagrams of my setup)
  • Rack Tom (+photos & diagrams of my setup) *BONUS TIP
  • Floor Tom (+photos & diagrams of my setup)
  • Hihats (+photos & diagrams of my setup)
  • Ride (+photos & diagrams of my setup) *BONUS TIP
  • Crashes (+photos & diagrams of my setup)

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