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Turn the tables on climate change

Win the sustainable world you want.

You are the Player

The "Race to Zero Carbon" is the game

A massive, multiplayer, real world game.

At stake in this race are the peace and prosperity of humankind, the ecological vitality of our planet and our classification as an "intelligent species" worthy of a planet.

In the Race to Zero Carbon, your TEAM is your STATE as a whole.

Individuals (Voter Consumers) are PLAYERS - the core, indivisible unit of the team.

Individuals (Players) coordinate to form SPECIALIZED TEAMS within the state team. Teams can be households, corporations, clubs, schools, counties. They can also be groups formed around a cause or solution, for example: Team Solar, Team Divestment, Team LEED.

The efforts of all teams must add up for the State to succeed in the race.

Where does the power of the team come from?

The Player is the basic unit of the Team.

The power comes from the Player.

Why do you sometimes feel powerless? 3 reasons. Sign up for our zero carbon coaching and we'll show you how to access and deploy your power to get the sustainable world you want.

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