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Are you ready to create your first Laravel package?

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Learning Laravel package development doesn't have to be hard. If you know how to create a basic Laravel app, you can write packages as well.

Join the Laravel package development from scratch E-mail course.

In this course you will learn how to develop a Laravel package step by step. These topics will be covered:

  • The groundwork for every PHP package
  • Your local package development setup
  • Laying the Laravel package foundations
  • Building Laravel functionality
  • How to store your package code in a GitHub repository
  • How to publish your package on
  • Leveling up your development process: how to kickstart your next package
  • Where to go from here

This package development workflow is optimized for learning the fundamentals.

As soon as you understand the basics, you can start optimizing your own workflow.

I've opened this course up for free to the first 100 subscribers only.

After that I will shut this offer down and publish the lessons as a Kindle book.

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Join now and get the first lesson in your inbox right away.

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