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Are you a freelance ESL teacher? Are you tired of having your income go up and down like a Yo-Yo? I feel your pain! Hello, my name is Aaron, and I've been a freelance ESL teacher and ESL business owner for over 16 years. I know exactly how frustrating and downright scary it can be to try and live on an unpredictable freelance income.

Over the years, by struggling through my own yo-yo income challenges, I learned a great deal about creating stable, reliable income, and I would love to share a few of those hard learned lessons with you today.

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  • How to stop undercharging for your services.
  • How to talk calmly and with friendly confidence about what you charge your students. (This was one of my hardest lessons to learn!)
  • How to move out of the 'pay by hour' trap you are likely stuck in.
  • How to protrect yourself from cancellations.

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