Do you know how your child wants to feel?

Let's teach our children how to get in touch with what FEELS GOOD to them

Desire Map + Yoga for Little Souls

A place to truly be free, playful, curious and explore our feelings​

Sign you child up for this new unique experience hosted by Keara Henning, Certified Children/Youth Yoga instructor & Natalie Laurin, Desire Map Facilitator.

This workshop will give your child the opportunity to heighten their connection to themselves though the physical aspect of yoga, and mentally through a modified version of desire mapping.

Connecting the two can be so powerful and beneficial!

Your child will participate in activities where they will connect with all of their senses through movement in a mind- body connection yoga practice, visual and artistic freedom through art, auditory through music, smell through experiencing essential oils to evoke their core desired feelings and taste through snacks! This workshop will be a fun and tangible experience to help your child understand themselves as the wonderful individuals that they are!

Ages 5-12. This is a class just for your child to experience on their own, so drop them off and have 2 hours to enjoy to yourself!

**We do ask that that an adult comes in with the child to sign a waiver and emergency contact information.

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