Did You Know, If You Desire a Healthy Marriage, It Begins in Your Singleness?

After Reading This Dating + Singleness Guidebook...

You won't look at yourself, dating or singleness the same.

In today's world wide web of dating and online profiles, how are you managing singleness? Where do you fit in? How would you describe yourself?

  • A single woman who hasn't dated in awhile and wants wisdom on how to discern the godly man from an imposter
  • A single woman who's been hurt by a bad breakup or divorce and is ready to break free from harmful relationship patterns
  • A single woman who's done entertaining D.I.Y. type men and ready to level up in love

Whatever your particular situation, in A Guidebook to Dating + Singleness for the Modern Woman of Faith Who Desires Love you'll find, "biblical principals and real-life counsel" needed to become, and attract the love for you.

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