My gift to you.

Because how we talk to ourselves matters. A lot.

20 lovely things to say (to yourself)

I used to be a real asshole to myself.

The things I would say to myself were things I would not say to anyone else (well, not to their face).

After decades of having little compassion for myself, mistakenly believing that if I was just hard enough on myself, it would turn out—I realized I'd been wrong.

I could no longer justify being kind to everyone else but myself.

I've come to learn (and often forget) that love is really the only thing that works. No matter what I'm up to in my life, what goal or dream I'm after, or whether it's just another Tuesday—kindness is what works. Loving myself is what works.

But like I said—I forget.

So I wanted to create something beautiful that would help me remember.

The way I speak to myself matters. The stories I tell myself matter.

Sometimes they hurt. And can be real scary as well.

When those stories arise (pretty much every day), these are the things I tell myself. These are the words I use to be loving to myself.

It's really helped. Nothing stops a destructive story in my head faster than a SWEETHEART.

We get to being again. As often as we need to.

It's my honor and joy to share this visual with you.

Would you like one of your own?

It's my gift to you!


Lots of love coming your way.

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