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We are here to talk about Personal Brands. YOU. You at work, You in the world. YOU

Embrace your competitive edge. Set yourself apart from the rest!

You are the expert on you!

Are you looking for a new approach to your job search? A new way to set yourself apart while starting your business? Are you looking for your something more???

If you are looking for this journey to be transformational, get to the depths of your branding essence and be in charge of what imprint you leave behind while interacting with others, this is for you!

Whether you’re in the job search process, in the midst of a life transition, or craving personal growth, the way you look and feel about yourself is crucial to your success. The traditional approach to job search is all about getting noticed on paper and there is a huge amount of emphasis placed on a person’s education and experience as a way of determining their value or potential. Times have changed. The way we approached to job search or marketing your business in the past no longer works, and you have come to realized that.

The truth is that there is something much deeper, more authentic within a person that is the true measure of what they have to contribute.

It’s time for a change! It’s time to become empowered and redefine how we are evaluated by ourselves and others, how we approach our job search, how we sell a product, how we interact with others and essentially become aware of how we leave our mark from the very first encounter. It's time to make a lasting impression, one that they will encounter with each interaction.

Do you look and feel like your resume? Or your business? Does the finesse of your writing style translate to your personality, dressing style, behavioral and communication styles?

Try these words on for size.....

  • Promise Character
  • Image brand
  • Persona style
  • Personality offering
  • Radiate integrity
  • Reputation
  • Real

Now you' re curious aren't you?! It's whole new approach, it's transformational, radical, liberating and it's about evolving....because that's what we need to do.

There is more to YOU than your past work experience and the product you are selling. WE are going to bring those impactful, authentic and most valuable qualities out through the image you present in so many ways.

Through her many years in professional recruiting and as a Career Coach, enhanced by becoming a facilitator of Danielle LaPorte’s personal development work through “The Desire Map” + “The Fire Starter Sessions” , Natalie Laurin is an expert in getting hired by being your best self. In connecting with who you truly are and how you want to feel, the next crucial step in this transformational process is to let that set you apart.

Internationally certified image consultant and experienced facilitator, Julie Murrell specializes in the art of selling yourself and presenting yourself to make an impactful impression.

Together, Natalie and Julie will guide you in exploring and identifying the strengths within you that need to be reignited, acknowledge and given permission to shine. You will be assisted in utilizing that as your foundation of the essence/imprint you are choosing to leave behind in all your interactions.

Everyone is a power broker and we want to help you discover that.

Join us for a 4-part 8 week training series to connect with your unique qualities.

Continue below to view a write up of each module.

1.Demystifying your Image: How you show up in the world




What are the qualities that make you this way? How are you unique and what makes you valuable?

Whether you’re in the job search process, in the midst of a life transition, or craving personal growth, the way you look and feel about yourself is crucial to your success, and what it all comes down to is personal branding.

What is personal branding? With all the hot topics in the job search realm, the deeper meaning of such a crucial tool gets lost. What personal branding is really about is who you are and how you show up in the world. It’s building on how you know yourself, digging deeper into your strengths and learning how to express them through your image.

The first step to demystifying your image is by getting real, getting raw and, well, getting dirty. We will peel back the layers and see who you are deep down. We will start exactly where we need to and that is knowing what your current image is saying about you, and what might be holding you back from shining.

From this workshop, you will

  • Examine your definition/view of the concept of branding, we will introduce a new unique way of looking at personal branding and all the benefits it has to offer.
  • Dive deep into introspection: Examine your image now: How are you showing up? Is it effective in helping you reach your goals?
  • We will get into the depths of what REALLY is holding you back from getting that job, that promotion or that client you are trying to land.


2.Your Personal Style Breakthrough: Declare Your Superpowers

Now that we have gotten the dirty work out of the way, it's time to delve deep into the core of you Chances are you have been stuck in a pattern that has been keeping you stuck for quite some time. This is the time for EXPLORATION and for HONOURING what you are and have to give the world.

In this workshop, you will discover that being well-rounded is overrated and quite frankly, it dilutes the potential of the strengths that you have. You will re-evaluate what your version of success is and create one that is in alignment with YOUR personal brand.

From this workshop, you will:

  • Gain insight and explore your own personal style
  • Through a series of specifically designed worksheets explore, uncover and ignite your Superpowers; your most valuable currency, the all about you interview and how you want to feel going through this transformational journey
  • Gain clarity into how you see yourself and how to express that outwardly
  • Learn how to bring passion and intention into every part of your life
  • Purge past beliefs about who you are and how you showed up in the world


3.The Designed Life: Visioneering

This third workshop is where we put all the hard work together and create your very own personalized authentic brand; this is where the Magic comes to life. Shift from playing the same old game as everyone else and ignite the transformation you are looking for. This is where you actually CREATE the tools you will need for your journey ahead.

In this workshop you will put all the building blocks together and build your personal brand; you will rebuild yourself strategically from the inside out So that you feel confident and empowered to be YOU!

From this workshop, you will:

  • Create your very own unique Power Branding Sheet (this will touch upon every single element you have moving forward)
  • Understand what it is for YOU to stand in your integrity and authentic brand
  • Learn how to build a wardrobe that serves you, and that will facilitate your personal growth


4.Making Your Mark

Having the tools to express an authentic brand is one thing, but incorporating it into your life in a way that works is another. Now it is time for activation, ambition and embracing all that you are. In this workshop you will have developed a new way of seeing yourself and the life you live, and your clothing can be a tool to facilitate changes from one stage to the next. Not only should your wardrobe reflect your superpowers, it should also reflect your lifestyle and serve you.

From this workshop, you will

  • Learn how to curate a wardrobe that is functional for your lifestyle
  • Get clear on your stop doing list as NO makes way for YES
  • Make self promotion, ambition and practicality your best ally
  • Step into visualization and begin your transformational journey


Discover your Possibilities

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Full Program $95.00 (4 modules, 8 weeks)

Buddy Pass $ 155.00 (Full program x 2)

Individual modules $30.00 each


June 4th 2018 630 pm to 830 pm in person workshop

June 13th 2018 Zoom Exploration call

June 18th 2018 630 pm to 830 pm in person workshop

June 28th 2018 Zoom Exploration call

July 5th 2018 630 pm to 830 pm in person workshop

July 12th 2018 Zoom Exploration call

July 19 2018 630 pm to 830 pm in person workshop

July 26th 2018 Zoom Exploration call


Loft 112, Orange Lofts, 535 8 Ave SE, Calgary

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