The Vacation Planner For Single Moms

Get started on planning your first or next vacation

One of the most common questions I get from single moms is, "How Can I Travel?"

Unfortunately, time, money, or not knowing where to go can limit our ability to travel.

Are you a single mom who wants to travel, but doesn't know how because you are juggling all of the responsibilities that are normally split between two people? Do you feel like it is hard to find the time or money to travel? Besides, when you do think about traveling it seems like all of the trips are either catered to or priced for two-parent households or singles without kids? Do you feel that there seems to be no regard for single parents, their needs, and their finances?

Between the nuances of traveling as a single mom, saving up the money, and finding the time to travel in between all of mom and work duties, things can be quickly overwhelming.

That's where The Vacation Planner for Single Moms comes in....

By developing a plan you can learn what your travel options are, what makes the most sense for your family, and develop a budget for what it will cost.

If you a single mom who:

  • Wants to travel more or start taking vacations
  • Wishes you could afford to travel
  • Wants to be able to travel with your children and make great memories
  • Wants to make travel a part of your lifestyle

Then check out The Vacation Planner for Single Moms. This Vacation Planner Will Help You to:

  • Determine your travel must-haves
  • Create your travel budget + identify ways to save up for your trip
  • Identify the best times for you to travel
  • Understand the travel perks that make traveling as a single mom easier

The good news is when you create your plan, it becomes more real and you will help you to craft the plan to make it happen.

This is a great first step to help you to get started on planning your next vacation.

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