21 Day Marriage Fix

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Day 1

"I want to talk to you," my husband said these words just moments after coming through the front door.

The sinking feeling in my stomach was enough to make me naseaus. I knew what was coming.

Lately, I had been completely absent in our marriage. My twin toddlers and 4 year old daughter consumed almost every ounce of my energy and by the time my husband arrived home from work, I rarely had time to "pay attention to him."

Also, to be honest, I was too focused on the sudden loss of my dad to really care. I was in the thick of grief and the fact that he couldn't see (or just didn't care?) that I was in pain, left me feeling pretty bitter.

Despite what I was going through, He wanted my undivided attention. But I was simply not in any position to give it.

In fact, it would be months before I finally realized how unstable our marraige actually was. He was lonely, and I was at least PARTIALLY to blame.

But things got worse before they got better. MUCH WORSE. If you had been a fly on the wall in our home 3 years ago, you would have sworn that our differences were indeed "irreconcilable."

But the truth, was that neither one of us had a desire to change. We were both hurting, angry and very stubborn.

But when we hit rock bottom (more on this later).. I finally had some sense knocked into me and I began searching for methods to get our marriage back

Let me promise you this: If our marriage was able to recover... yours can too.

In this series, I'm going to share the whole method with you!

I'll tell you EXACTLY and PRACTICALLY how I went from being someone who was turned off by my husband, to feeling desire and love for him like a newlywed again.

But you're not ready for all of that yet.. For today, your job is simple.

Take a full 5 seconds to kiss your spouse.

It doesn't have to be amazing, you don't even have to like it.

Just trust the process...

5 Full seconds.. don't skimp!

Tomorrow and throughout the rest of this challenge, I'll not only share my story with you.. But I'll also share scientific evidence that you can "fall back in love."

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