the Student motivation course: back-to-school edition

more learning, less stress

The Student Motivation Course is an all-online, schedule-friendly professional development course that I made for teachers like me. Here's what you do in the course:

  • NEW -- Learn how to cultivate the five key beliefs in the first days, weeks, and months of school. Dave's hosting an all-new series of livestreamed video sessions -- complete with Q&A -- on the practical matters of starting strong.
  • Learn how to teach unmotivated students without taking it personally, getting angry, or giving up. The work we do inside ourselves dictates the degree to which we'll be able to help our students do their own internal work.
  • Learn how to help grade-obsessed students see the inherent value of learning. Life stops giving out grades eventually, but it doesn't stop rewarding those who learn.
  • Learn how to become a more credible teacher. It's not about becoming more popular, but more credible, more believed-in. (Teacher credibility is featured prominently in John Hattie's Visible Learning meta-analyses.)
  • Learn how to cultivate a learner identity in each your students. The way our students see themselves in relation to school shapes their behavior in school.
  • Learn how to help your students value the work of your class, owning it on their own terms. Ownership is inseparable from long-term flourishing.

Because it's back to school season, you get access to everything as soon as you enroll -- all 35+ of the existing course content, plus the "Back to School"-themed Q&As that I'm offering just for this cohort.

The course is optimized for busy people like you and me -- all substance, no fluff, with links to resources for those who wish to nerd out or dig deeper. It's possible to do it using nothing but an internet connection and a journal, but there is also be a discussion forum for those seeking to work out course concepts in community. Additional, I host live, recorded Q&As during the initial weeks of the course -- enabling you to ask questions of your colleague Dave Stuart Jr. :)

Certificates of completion indicating 10 hours of professional development are awarded upon completion. Video lessons are 10 minutes or less, and each lesson includes reflective application questions to help you internalize and put into practice what you're learning. There are 35 lessons in all, plus bonus lessons for those interested in going deeper.

The next enrollment window opens on Thursday, August 9.

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