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2019 Home Decor Project Planner
and Calendar

Grab your calendar and planner

Finally get those home projects done in 2019! This year's planner is new and improved.

The 2019 Home Decor and Design Planner + Calendar will help you finish those projects you've been wanting to get done!

In this year's version, you'll find:

  • Tips on ways to decorate your home
  • How to get started with planning out your home decor projects
  • A project planner
  • A room makeover planner
  • A floorplan
  • A painting guide
  • A shopping guide
  • Project planner
  • Much more!

No matter how small or large the home decor project, this planner will keep you organized and make sure those projects are completed by the end of 2019 if you do the work!

2019 Home Decor + DIY Project Planner

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