teacher productivity course

a 10-day mini-course w/ dave stuart jr.

Here are the questions we'll explore in the course:

  • How do we make it so that we have enough time to think? (It turns out that thinking is a rather important part of our job, but that the circumstances in which we work don't often lend themselves to time for thinking.)
  • How do we teach effectively while also working a humane amount of hours per week? We're not aiming for the 4 hour work week, or even the 40 hour one. But certainly, there needs to be space in our lives for rest and recreation and relationships. So, how?
  • When there are more tasks to complete than there is time in the day, what do we do? How do we navigate those choices?

The course will aim to give you breakthroughs in these areas in 10 brief lessons and exercises. It's promise is that it will help and you'll improve -- plain and simple. Like my other online offerings, it will be optimized for busy people like you and me -- all substance, no fluff, with links to resources for those who wish to nerd out or dig deeper. It'll be possible to do it using nothing but an internet connection and a journal, but there will also be a discussion forum for those seeking to work out course concepts in community. Certificates of completion for professional development hours will be awarded to all students.

I plan to open enrollment for a limited time in early summer, with spots going to the first 500 folks who register once the course opens.

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