Pray for Your Husband!

Download your 31-day prayer calendar and Scripture cards.

Prayer Calendar & Scripture Cards

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Download this printable 31-day prayer calendar and begin to pray more consistently for your husband. Cover his thought life, work, relationships, emotions, and more in prayer as we come to the throne of Grace to intercede for our husbands!

You'll also get a set of Scripture cards for each of the daily prayers. ESV and KJV options are available for the Scripture cards.

Some ideas for using the calendar and cards:

  • Put the calendar in your Bible or planner and pray each day.
  • Laminate the calendar and tape it in the shower or on the mirror for a reminder to pray each day.
  • Share this page with a friend and resolve to be accountable for a month. Email or text each other each day when you've prayed for your husbands.
  • Tape the Scripture card you're praying through to the bedroom door so your husband sees what you are praying for.
  • Laminate the Scripture cards and put them on a book ring for easy access on your keychain or in your purse.
  • Tack the ring of cards to the wall in the laundry room or near the kitchen sink and pray for the day's scripture as you wash dishes or fold laundry.
  • Be creative and find a way to make praying for your husband a daily activity!

To take advantage of ALL the prayer and devotion tools I have created, be sure to check out this area in the Proverbial Homemaker store. I hope they are a blessing to you!

~ Tauna

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