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Learn how to give your child an elite education at home and enjoy it

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There's no need to suffer through online learning with your child. You can enjoy homeschooling and give your child a better education in half the time.

Taking the Smart Homeschooler Academy course will give you everything you need to become a competent homeschooler including:

• The 3 main approaches to homeschooling and which one works best

• How to plan your homeschool, so you reach your goals for your children

• Access to the best curriculum based on time-tested results

• The 7 principles of teaching you need to teach effectively

• How to raise life-long learners and children of good character

• How to discover the simple pleasures of homeschooling

—As a Love and Leadership parenting coach, Elizabeth Hanson includes a bonus session called "Parenting for Homeschoolers."

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